Art in Lisbon: You’ll find walls of tiles, artistic graffiti and a gallery beloved by Madonna

Drawn to art? Then head to Lisbon, where you’ll find walls of beautiful blue-and-white glazed tiles, ‘artistic graffiti’ and a gallery beloved by Madonna Famed for its ceramic azulejo tiles, Lisbon is embracing a new wave of street-art stars and graffiti artists  ‘Driving force’ Alexandre Farto, who goes by the name Vhils, runs the Portuguese … Read more

Churchill’s statue in Parliament Square is defaced with pro-Chelsea graffiti

Churchill’s statue in Parliament Square is defaced with pro-Chelsea graffiti after club’s Champions League win Winston Churchill’s statue in Parliament Square has been scrawled in graffiti Graffiti read ‘Chelsea’, ‘CFC’ and ‘1905’ – the year the London club was founded The Metropolitan Police are investigating the vandalism following UEFA final  By Jack Wright For Mailonline … Read more

Scientists figure out how to save street art with a cleaner that only wipes away graffiti

Street art has become a mainstream cultural phenomenon, thanks to artists like Jean-Michel Basquiat, Keith Haring, Banksy and Kaws. But outdoor murals are vulnerable to vandals, who mar their beauty with unwanted graffiti. A group of chemists in Italy have developed a method to wipe away graffiti while keeping the art underneath intact. The process … Read more

Graffiti carved on an ancient Roman building some 1,900 years ago could be of the Crucifixion

It is said to be the earliest and only known image of the Crucifixion – a depiction of human-like figure with the head of a donkey nailed to a cross. The anti-Christian ‘graffito’ was etched into a plaster wall of an imperial training school for ancient Roman slaves between 50AD and 250AD. Beneath the cross … Read more

Is Banksy back? Another piece of graffiti appears on Reading bridge

Is Banksy back? Another piece of graffiti appears on Reading bridge just weeks after the elusive artist sprayed a design on the walls of the town’s jail The drawing has appeared on Reading Bridge, which crosses the River Thames  It is similar to the typewriter that features in Banksy drawing on Reading Prison Mural was … Read more

Sacha Baron Cohen mocked in Melbourne graffiti artist’s mural after comments on Covid art

Artist who tricked Sacha Baron Cohen into falling for Covid graffiti hits back with tongue-in-cheek wall dedicated to the Borat star Sacha Baron Cohen tweeted an image of a mural from Australian graffiti artist  Mural featured Bill Gates with vaccine and the words ‘time to install your update’  Baron Cohen said it was example of … Read more

Sinister graffiti threatening Michael Gove appears in Belfast

Sinister graffiti featuring Michael Gove’s name, address and a threatening message has appeared in a staunchly loyalist area of Belfast. The menacing ‘we don’t forget, we don’t forgive’ message was scrawled across a series of hoarding boards in the Sandy Row area of Northern Ireland’s capital. The street is in a well-known loyalist area which was … Read more

Banksy-style graffiti of prisoner appears on wall of HMP Reading

A Banksy-inspired artwork has appeared overnight on the walls of a Grade-II listed Victorian jail where Oscar Wilde was famously held.  The artwork, which depicts a prisoner attempting to escape over the wall with a typewriter in his hand, has been etched onto the side of HMP Reading.  Irish poet Oscar Wilde was incarcerated in Reading Gaol … Read more

Hidden graffiti on The Scream WAS written by Edvard Munch

Infrared scans have revealed Norwegian artist Edvard Munch was the author of hidden graffiti on his 1893 painting The Scream.  The inscription near the top left corner reads ‘kan kun være malet af en gal mand’, which translates from Danish as ‘can only have been painted by a madman’ and was thought to have been … Read more

Home of Trump attorney Michael van der Veen is vandalized with graffiti branding him a ‘TRAITOR’

The home of Michael van der Veen has been vandalized with graffiti as Donald Trump’s impeachment lawyer celebrated the former president’s historic acquittal on Saturday. Van der Veen was seen hugging and fist-bumping other members of the team on Saturday, reported USA Today’s Christal Hayes. ‘We’re going to Disney World,’ van der Veen said, according to … Read more