Minister savages Boris ‘the buffoon’: Ex-foreign minister Alan Duncan’s blast at PM

Boris Johnson’s Cabinet was rocked last night by an explosive political memoir revealing vicious Tory infighting. The Prime Minister is one of the targets for a series of astonishing personal attacks from Alan Duncan, his deputy when he was foreign secretary. Sir Alan describes Mr Johnson as a ‘buffoon’ and says they had a blazing … Read more

Oh, no, minister! ALAN DUNCAN’s gloriously wicked diary spills the vitriol on Boris ‘the buffoon’

Today, we begin a blockbuster serialisation of one of the most explosive political diaries ever to be published. Alan Duncan, a well-respected Tory MP for nearly three decades, used them to let off steam in private about the ‘monstrous egos’ that surrounded him. The diaries cover his final four turbulent years in Parliament, when Brexit … Read more