ALEX BRUMMER :The future inflation threat

There is so much we do not know about the long-term economic impact of the pandemic.  But one common theme for Britain, and for newly-installed President Joe Biden and his team in the US, is that the tolerance of fiscal promiscuity and monetary looseness has changed dramatically. As the Biden team pushes hard for his … Read more

ALEX BRUMMER: The London Stock Exchange plots a global future

The London Stock Exchange (LSE), along with much of the rest of the financial services industry, is being left to plough its own furrow in Britain’s trading relationship with the EU. Among the immediate impacts is the loss of equivalence, which previously allowed shares in EU-domiciled companies, including those in British Airways owner IAG, to … Read more

ALEX BRUMMER: The world and Britain set for an employment catastrophe

Among the most shocking aspects of the coronavirus pandemic is the unprecedented impact on global economic conditions.  A day which started with a degree of optimism due to a surge in a Chinese manufacturing index in March, suggesting there could be a sharp ‘V’ shaped recovery from global lockdowns, ended with more alarming data.  In … Read more