Early American explorers bred dogs for their ‘woolly’ hair

Early North American explorers bred dogs so they would have ‘woolly hair’ that could be sheared like a sheep – and then spun it into clothing and blankets, a study found.  Iain McKenchnie and colleagues from the Hakai Institute examined the records of more than 170,000 canine bones dug up at 210 sites in the Pacific … Read more

DNA from an unknown human ancestor that bred with Denisovans still exists among people today 

DNA from an unknown ancient ancestor of humans that once bred with Denisovans still exists among people today, study reveals Researchers from the US developed a new tool to analyse ancient DNA Three per cent of the Neanderthal genome can from an ancient human group This genetic transfer is thought to have occurred some 300,000 years ago Also, … Read more

China culls 1.6 tonnes of bamboo rats bred for their meat

Officials at a Chinese province have reportedly culled more than 1.6 tonnes of farm-bred bamboo rats in one go after the government banned the eating and trading of wild animals in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.  Chinese bamboo rats, which are linked to coronavirus, have been a sought-after food source in the country for centuries … Read more