Rock music fan throws dead friend’s ashes on stage at Mike Patton during Brooklyn gig

A group of music fans threw the ashes of their dead friend on stage at a gig in Brooklyn.

Friends were at a reunion show of rock band Mr Bungle on 11 February, which they were originally going to attend with their friend Dakota Young, who recently died unxpectedly.

To commemorate the life of Young, the group wrapped up his ashes in his underwear and threw it onto the stage.

Fortunately, the ashes missed frontman Mike Patton and landed next to him.

Patton did not notice what had just been thrown onto the stage, nor has he or any of his fellow band members – including Trey Spruance, Trevor Dunn, Scott Ian and Dave Lombardo – mentioned the incident in the days following the Brooklyn Steel show in New York.

Phone footage of the exact moment sees the ashes flying through the air and landing on the stage as patton begins singing “Summer Breeze”.

Since the news broke, other people in attendance have realised they inadvertantly captured the ashes being thrown without realising.

“I had no idea I’d captured the immortal moment when I shot this,” one gigger wrote on Twitter.


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