Record-breaking winter winds have blown large swathes of old Arctic sea ice into warmer waters

Huge swathes of the oldest and thickest Arctic sea ice are at high risk of melting this summer, a new study has warned, after being blown into warmer waters by record-breaking winter winds.  The perennial ice, which is less prone to melting than new ice and has survived for at least one year, helps keep … Read more

UK weather: Britain faces a week of rain, hail and thunder despite warmer weather

April showers… a month late: Britain is to face a week of rain, hail and thunder as wet start to May continues – but temperatures will soar to 68F Britain is set for a warm and sunny week with temperatures hitting nearly 68F (20C) in some areas But the milder weather is likely to be … Read more

Bella Hadid bundles up in a brown puffer jacket ahead of photoshoot despite warmer NYC temperatures

Bella Hadid keeps her model figure bundled in a brown puffer jacket ahead of Michael Kors shoot despite warmer NYC temperatures By Sarah Abraham For Published: 01:31 BST, 30 March 2021 | Updated: 01:37 BST, 30 March 2021 Bella Hadid kept her model figure very bundled ahead of a photoshoot despite warmer NYC temperatures.  … Read more

Pfizer asks the FDA to let it store its coronavirus vaccine at warmer temperature

Pfizer and partner BioNTech have asked the U.S. health regulator to relax requirements for their COVID-19 vaccine to be stored at ultra-low temperatures, potentially allowing it to be kept in pharmacy freezers, they said on Friday. Approval by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) could send a strong signal to other regulators around the world … Read more

Britain could be warmer than Greece this weekend, as flood alerts put in place due to melting snow

Britons are being warned to brace for flooding amid fears that rain could combine with standing water from mounds of melting snow and ice. More than a dozen flood alerts are in place across the UK with rising temperatures – which could reach as high as 61F and make the south of England warmer than … Read more

Climate change: Some areas of the Amazon could actually BENEFIT from warmer temperatures

Some Amazon rainforest regions are more resistant to climate change than previously thought and could actually BENEFIT from warmer temperatures, study finds Researchers studied how changes in soil and air moisture affect photosynthesis It had been thought that water stress would have a broadly negative impact This, in turn, would slow carbon uptake by the … Read more

Coronavirus US: Warmer weather alone will NOT stop spread

Summer may slow the growth of the coronavirus pandemic in the US but will NOT stop the spread without social distancing, Harvard study warns Researchers looked at daily weather patterns in all 50 states and DC and compared it to the five-day incubation period of the coronavirus States with maximum daily temperatures below 30F would see … Read more

Warmer weather does NOT kill off coronavirus: Two separate studies dash hopes for summer

Warm weather does not kill off the coronavirus or hamper its ability to spread, two separate studies have found. US and Canadian researchers said the transmission risk was only reduced by about 1.5 per cent for every degree Fahrenheit above 77F (25C). They analysed more than 370,000 cases in thousands of different cities in North … Read more

40 million year old frog remains discovered in Antarctica, suggesting it once had warmer climate

Researchers in Antarctica discover the remains of a 40 million year old frog, suggesting the continent once had a much warmer climate and supported a diverse array of wildlife Scientists in Antarctica found bone fragments of a 40 million-year-old frog They believe the remains are from a helmeted frog, a species that’s still alive today … Read more

Sharks hunt in warmer rather than hot waters around the equator

Sharks like to hunt in waters around Europe, South Africa and the US because they dislike the warm waters around the equator Researchers studied 900 million incidents of sharks attacking fishing line bait They looked at records from 1960 to 2014 for sharks, tuna, sailfish and marlin The Bern team found that most predatory fish … Read more