VIDEO: Two female deer face off in ‘the most elegant fight ever’  

Going doe to doe! Moment two female deer stand on their hind legs in boxing bout that looks more like ballet Gay Isber McMillan, 59, filmed the deer fighting at her ranch in Texas  The Austin-based technical writer left a video camera near a feeder at the ranch One of the female deer is approached … Read more

US-Mexico border: Caravan of 509 migrants from Central and South America stopped by Border Patrol

Massive caravan of 509 migrants, including 115 unaccompanied minors, stopped by U.S. Border Patrol in Texas border town less than 24 hours after 336 people were detained after illegally crossing from Mexico A total of 509 migrants were stopped near Hidalgo, Texas, on Tuesday night after crossing the United States-Mexico border in a caravan It … Read more

Texas man is arrested for animal cruelty after video ‘showed him abandoning dog on side of the road’

Heartbreaking moment husky is abandoned on side of road as owners drive off and leave it chasing after them The El Paso County Sheriff’s office arrested Luis Antonio Campos, 68, on Friday for allegedly abandoning a dog on the side of the road Police said they expected to arrest another for their role in the … Read more

Jeff Bezos’ girlfriend Lauren Sanchez embraces him after space launch

Jeff Bezos’ girlfriend Lauren Sanchez planted a kiss on her billionaire beau just moments after he safely returned to Earth this morning following his successful space launch.   The 51-year-old was spotted hugging and kissing her Amazon founder boyfriend soon after he emerged from the capsule in Texas on Tuesday morning.  Bezos, 57, could be seen hugging his mother … Read more

Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin receives FAA approval for its first human spaceflight on July 20

Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin received approval Monday from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to carry humans on the New Shepard rocket into space on July 20. The company was required to verify the rocket’s hardware and software worked safely during a test flight and the FAA confirmed it met regulatory requirements. Bezos, his brother Mark, … Read more

Super Mario 64 copy sold for $1.56M from Heritage Auctions becomes the most expensive video game

Unopened 1996 copy of Nintendo’s Super Mario 64 becomes the most expensive video game in history after selling for $1.56M at auction Sold by Heritage Auctions, its’ the most ever paid at auction for a video game    Game was listed under pristine condition by market experts Legendary game marks Mario’s 3D debut on the N64 console  … Read more

Texas man, 37, wakes up and forgets the past 20 YEARS including having a 10-year-old daughter

A father woke up one morning thinking it was the 1990s after losing 20 years of memories – including his marriage and daughter – because of a rare brain condition. Daniel Porter, 36, from Granbury, Texas, woke up next to his wife, Ruth, 37, in July last year with no idea who she was or … Read more

SpaceX could send its Starship into orbit as early as August

The next SpaceX 160ft Starship prototype, known as SN20, will be launched into orbit as early as next month strapped to the massive Super Heavy booster. Starship requires the booster stage to reach orbit and combined the two reach a whopping 394ft tall, much larger than the Statue of Liberty with its full plinth. SN20 … Read more

Matthew McConaughey delivers positive message to celebrate Independence Day calling for unity

Matthew McConaughey delivered a positive message to celebrate Independence Day on Sunday, calling for unity amid rumors that he’s flirting with a gubernatorial run in his native Texas. ‘Let’s rock – America, happy birthday, just keep living, I’ll see you there,’ the 51-year-old actor said amid a patriotic speech that pointed out the country’s relative … Read more

Pregnant woman reveals her mother-in-law refuses to call her unborn child by her first-name

An expectant mother has revealed her fury at being told her mother-in-law is refusing to call her unborn baby by the name she has chosen because she thinks it sounds too ‘hippy’. The unnamed mother-to-be, from Jarrell, Texas, is 36 weeks pregnant and told Reddit users that she intended to name her daughter ‘Luna Scarlett,’ … Read more