COVID-19 pandemic has ‘significantly strained’ hospitals, HHS report finds as staff suffered burnout

U.S. hospitals say they have been operating in ‘survival mode’ for the majority of the coronavirus pandemic. According to a new report released by the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) inspector general on Wednesday, medical centers said that staffing shortages have impacted patient care.  What’s more, the exhaustion of long shifts and dealing … Read more

People with insomnia and burnout are TWICE as likely to be infected with COVID-19

People with insomnia and burnout are TWICE as likely to be infected with COVID-19 – but every extra hour of sleep lowers infection risks by 12%, study finds Researchers looked at results of a survey of 2,884 healthcare workers, 568 of them reported that they had contracted COVID-19 For every extra hour of sleep, the odds of … Read more

Stress: Wearable can detect if you’re nearing burnout by analysing the hormones in your SWEAT 

A small, wearable sensor that can detect levels of the stress hormone cortisol in sweat may soon help warn when people are nearing burnout, a study reported. Engineers at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne (EPFL) and start-up Xsensio said that the tool could help to objectively quantify stress levels. The device is placed directly … Read more

Meshel Laurie announces her radio comeback two years after burnout

Meshel Laurie announces her radio comeback – almost two years after quitting The Project and being left ‘broke’ By Mary Mrad For Daily Mail Australia Published: 03:43 GMT, 1 February 2021 | Updated: 03:43 GMT, 1 February 2021 Meshel Laurie is returning to radio to host Wollongong’s Wave FM – almost two years after leaving … Read more

It’s a modern malaise so many women suffer from: How I beat burnout …and you can too

One moment I was with a friend, admiring the dappled sunlight in London’s Hyde Park, the next my head was spinning, my knees had given way and I collapsed to the ground. Lying on the floor in a public place, unable to get up unaided, was not only embarrassing but also incredibly nerve-racking. Nothing like … Read more

NHS staff will face ‘massive levels of burnout’ and ‘very fragile’ mental health after the pandemic

NHS staff will face ‘massive levels of burnout’ and their mental health will be ‘very fragile’ once the pandemic ends, a top doctor has warned.   Dr Lewis Morrison, the chair of the British Medical Association in Scotland, spoke about the impact the pandemic was having on health professionals. ‘There has to be a conversation about … Read more

Burnout intensifies feelings of being under pressure at work, study reveals

Stressed at work? Blame it on burnout! Study finds the feelings of exhaustion and self-doubt intensify ideas of being under pressure Researchers analyzed 48 different studies  of burnout and work stress The 26,319 participants noted symptoms of burnout that led to being stressed This reveals that the two are mutually reinforcing and create a viscous circle  … Read more

The serious warning signs you’re close to burnout while working from home

A health and wellbeing psychologist has revealed the common warning signs that signal burn out while working from home.  Dr Marny Lishman told Australian recruitment company Seek stress is the number one factor that can cause several negative lifestyle changes if not detected early on. She said stress often causes a change in diet or … Read more

Average worker gets ‘career burnout’ at age 32 – and 59% say they do MORE hours working from home

Average worker gets ‘career burnout’ at age 32 – and 59% now say that they do MORE hours working from home amid coronavirus lockdowns, survey finds A study asked 2,000 people if they feel burnout with work and why More than half reported working more hours because their office is in their home This is … Read more

Have YOU got ‘2020 burnout’? Experts reveal why you’re feeling so depleted right now

If you’ve been feeling exhausted, depleted and down more than usual, you’re not alone.     In fact, experts say you’re probably just one of the thousands struggling with ‘2020 burnout’. According to the World Health Organisation, there are three main symptoms of regular burnout: feelings of energy depletion or exhaustion, increased mental distance from one’s job … Read more