Brace for a post-lockdown spike in burglaries, homeowners warned

Crimestoppers has warned homeowners to prepare for a potential surge in burglaries once lockdown ends. There was a 20 per cent drop in house burglaries last year compared to 2019, analysis of government crime figures revealed. But there are fears the numbers could quickly climb as restrictions ease and people begin spending more time away … Read more

Burglaries fall for the first time in three years because of lockdown

Burglaries fall for the first time in three years because lockdown has made it harder to find empty homes to target, figures show Would-be burglars are finding it harder to break into homes as everyone is in Insurance claims for house burglaries fell for the first time in three years in 2020 Highest rate across … Read more

Multi-million-pound burglaries of stars including Tamara Ecclestone could be a film, says prosecutor

A series of multi-million-pound burglaries at celebrity homes could well become the subject of a Hollywood movie, a court was told yesterday. Watches, jewellery and other valuables worth £26million were stolen from stars including Formula 1 heiress Tamara Ecclestone over 13 days, jurors heard. Prosecutor Timothy Cray QC yesterday said the story was likely to … Read more

Burglaries expected to rise this summer so protect your home

Households are being advised to be cautious this summer with burglars more likely to strike as more people head back to work. While many have been spending more time at home in lockdown, burglaries have been significantly reduced – but this could all change as restrictions ease, experts warn. Normally, the biggest number of burglaries … Read more

Burglaries plummet by more than 30 per cent in parts of Britain since coronavirus hit

Burglaries have fallen by more than 30 per cent in areas of Britain as many obey the coronavirus lockdown rules and stay at home. West Midlands police said it had seen a drop in burglaries by 34 per cent at the start of April, compared to the same seven-day period last year, while forces in … Read more