Iron Age ‘seafood buffet’ that fed wedding or funeral guests is discovered in Scotland

Archaeologists in Scotland have dug up the remains of a rather impressive seafood feast that fed an entire Iron Age community. More than 18,000 snail shells were found in a pit at The Cairns, an ancient settlement in Orkney that was established between 400 AD and 500 AD. Scientists determined the shellfish, mostly limpets and … Read more

Elon Musk is now richer than Warren Buffet as Tesla stock rockets 14% to an all-time high of 14%

Elon Musk is now richer than investor Warren Buffet, thanks to a record rise in the price of Tesla stock that briefly shot up as much as 14 per cent to raise the company’s valuation up to $321 billion on Monday.  The gains were erased during a period of volatility and the company’s share were … Read more

Cruise industry leaders confirm the days of the traditional buffet are over

Major cruise line companies are ditching self-service buffets while on-board entertainment could also be cut as part of a raft of changes to trips in the wake of the coronavirus crisis. Guests and crew may also have to be tested for the virus in some cases, or at least pass through infrared controls so their … Read more