From their blond locks to their brutality, new research claims we’ve got the Vikings all wrong

Bloodshed was foreseen by the people of Northumberland even before the Viking raiders came ashore on the Holy Island of Lindisfarne in AD 793. An ancient manuscript recalls how ‘amazing sheets of lightning and whirlwinds and fiery dragons were seen flying in the sky’, but no omen could have prepared them for the barbarity that … Read more

Michael Douglas says videos of police brutality make it impossible to ignore Black Lives Matter

As the city of Kenosha, Wisconsin, braces for more unrest following the shooting of an unarmed Black man by white police officers Sunday, Michael Douglas is speaking out about racial injustice. The Hollywood star, 75, says the capturing and sharing of cell phone video of incidents involving police brutality means it’s impossible to ignore Black … Read more

Kanye West joins protestors rallying against racial inequality and police brutality

Kanye West marched with protesters rallying against racial inequality and police brutality in his hometown of Chicago, Illinois on Thursday.    The rapper, 42, was seen walking in a Justice for George Floyd/CPD out of CPS protest, according to USA Today.  Kanye wore a face mask and grey sweatshirt as he joined countless other protestors whom … Read more

Lili Reinhart shows support for BLM and joins police brutality protest after coming out as bisexual

Lili Reinhart hit the streets of West Hollywood and took part in a Black Lives Matter solidarity demonstration organized by the LGBTQ community. The crowd gathered at the busy intersection of Santa Monica and La Cienega Boulevards to protest police brutality that was sparked by the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis nine days ago. … Read more

Zoe Kravitz joins protest in London demonstrating the killing George Floyd and police brutality

Zoe Kravtiz had been filming The Batman in London in March when she went into self-quarantine with her husband Karl Glusman amid the COVID-19 outbreak. But that hasn’t stopped the actress from having her voice be heard in the wake of the killing of African-American George Floyd in the US at the hands of a … Read more