Bricklayer, 21, who won National Lottery Set for Life draw finally tells his friends

A bricklayer who won a life-changing prize on the lottery has finally told his friends after he was left in disbelief for weeks. James Evans, 21, scooped the top ‘Set For Life’ prize of £10,000 a month for 30 years on the National Lottery back in December. But when he bumped into a friend just hours … Read more

Bricklayer hospitalised after Rome holiday in September 2019 says he was Britain’s first Covid case

A bricklayer who ‘nearly died’ after a family trip to Rome in September 2019 believes he was Britain’s Covid patient zero. Brian Stoodley, 67, was hospitalised with a mystery illness and suffered many of the common symptoms of the virus, which was previously believed to have originated in Wuhan in December. Brian had a shortness … Read more

Construction: Robot bricklayer is building a three-bedroom house in East Yorkshire in ‘UK first’

Bot the builder! Robot bricklayer is building a three-bedroom house in East Yorkshire in ‘UK first’ Robot-aided construction on the house in Everingham began on September 28 The machine from York-based Construction Automation lays bricks and mortar It is controlled by two operators using a tablet — and needs to be fed materials The robot’s construction work is … Read more

Bricklayer, 32, ‘killed a woman while he was speeding at 30mph on E-bike’

A bricklayer killed a woman while speeding on an E-bike and fled the scene because he was ‘confused and just wanted to go home’, a court heard today. Thomas Hanlon, 32, allegedly ploughed into Sakine Cihan, 56, at 10mph above the 20mph speed limit as she crossed Kingsland Road, Dalston, east London in August 2018. … Read more